the link walkway, chadstone, victoria

An absolutely beautiful structure, The Link Walkway is a fabric-over-glulam structure providing covered access for patrons to Chadstone Shopping Centre. Luxurious and ethereal in its aesthetic, The Link is a 100m arched walkway reaching 15m overhead and covered with high-translucency THV coated PTFE fabric. Completed in 2019, The Link was a challenging project because of limited site access with the added challenge of working around an operational shopping centre. The Link has won multiple awards for its unique design and innovative fabric work.


Location: Chadstone, VIC

Completion Date: October 2019

Size: 1750 sqm

Fabric: PTFE – Tenara 4T40HF

Client: Vicinity Centres

Photography: © Peter Bennetts

installed in conjunction with MakMax Australia