Parramatta Aquatic Centre

The Parramatta Aquatic Centre is a community recreation space consisting of three swimming pools, built in a way that does not disrupt but enhances the heritage landscaping and vistas. The indoor pools are sunken within the hillside, which allows for uninterrupted views of the hillside. The ten different TensoSky ETFE pillows designed and fabricated by MakMax Australia act as skylights, bringing natural light into the indoor swim areas. The combination of allowing light into the indoor areas and creating protective shade in the outdoor areas makes this design’s interplay of light and shadow striking.


Location: Parramatta, NSW

Completion Date: September 2023

Size: 550sqm (ETFE) + 420sqm (Shade Structure)

Fabric: ETFE – Novum & PVC – Serge Ferrari 502 Lemon

Client: MakMax Australia 

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd

installed in conjunction with MakMax Australia