Adelaide Tennis Centre Sunken Court

Having worked with Tennis Australia previously, the Sky Skills team was requested for the installation of The Adelaide Tennis Centre. The fabrics were relatively big and the deadline was tight. What made this installation project very special was the geometry of the steel meeting up with the lines of the fabric; a very aesthetically pleasing outcome. An exciting project for Sky Skills as it was the first time the team worked with truncated corners in the four sumps. These were certainly challenging parts of the project where a lot of time was spent perfecting those corners. The fabrics were exceptionally tight which added to the installation challenge. A 7-day work week was necessary to meet the deadline with team members working tirelessly and lots of extra checking needed. At completion, the whole team was inspired by what they had learnt and the extraordinary outcome they had achieved together.


Location: Adelaide Tennis Centre, SA

Completion Date: November 2021

Size: 1400 sqm

Fabric: PTFE – Chukoh FGT800

Client: Tennis SA and Kennett Builders

Photography: © Tennis SA, Ben Macmahon

installed in conjunction with MakMax Australia