Optus Stadium Halo Walk


Location: Optus Stadium, Perth WA

Completion Date: 2017

Size: 35,000 sqm

Fabric: PTFE – Chukoh FGT800, Sefar Tenara 4T40HF

installed in conjunction with MakMax Australia

Halo Fabric Roof, Optus Stadium

Managing the installation of this project, Sky Skills founder Didi Heckl personally installed the first few fabrics alongside his South African team whom he brought to Australia especially for this exciting project. Utilising multiple teams for different installation parts, it was critical teams worked together and knew their area of expertise thoroughly.

The deployment of the fabric was by hand, and the sequence of the tensioning of the fabric, crucial. With sump extrusions going in first, and fabric tension pulled front and back; the inside of the field and the outer ring away from the field. Only once those extrusions were 100% home, were the sides detailed. There was one dedicated team responsible for the sides and another responsible for the flashings. The flashings, called a CFO track, were specifically designed for this project by Mike Lester from MakMax; a track exclusively used by MakMax. Once the flashings were completed and silicone added to all joints, the crucial water test was done to complete the project.