Castle Towers Inspection

The Inspection was carried out internally and externally on the fabric component and structural steel of the Castle Towers Shopping Centre roof, following the standards and direction of an engineer.

Internal Inspection consisted of the following:
• Structural Steel Inspection.
• Stainless Steel Cables Inspection.
• Connection Points Inspection to look at rust, possible corrosion, and wear and tear.
• Bolts Inspection to see if they are tight enough and if rust is present or any general wear and tear.
• Split Pins Inspection to check if they are structurally sound.

External Inspection consisted of the following:
• Fabric Inspection to assess any damage and if it is still at optimal tension.
• The Flashings on the field joints were inspected for silicone inconsistencies and other damage, including wear and tear.
• The Gutters were inspected for blockages, water damage, rust and general wear and tear.
• The Glazing Inspection was to assess the condition of the glass and if the seals were in good condition.


Location: Castle Towers, NSW

Completion Date: March 2023


Fabric: PTFE

Client: MakMax Australia

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd