Berwick Bowl’s Club

Flatback (Barrel Vault Design)

A bowls club green is its crowning glory and installing a roof structure above an existing bowling green adds a certain amount of complexity. Planning an installation without touching or damaging the green was certainly going to be a challenge but one Sky Skills Pty Ltd overcame with precise planning and the exact access equipment required. The Flatback design creates an elegant and smooth roof cover with perpendicular supporting struts, creating clean lines down the length of the canopy. The Sky Skills team completed the project on time and were proud to hand back an immaculately pristine green even despite many rainy and muddy days during the install.


Location: Manuka Rd, Berwick VIC 3806

Completion Date: June 2022

Size: 961.60 m²

Fabric: FR900 958N

Client: MakMax Australia and CASEY CITY COUNCIL

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd