Barham Bowls Club

The Hawksbill (Leaning Arched Design)

The 2022 installation of the Barham Bowls Club Roof saw industry experts, Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd and SkyMaze Industries Pty Ltd join forces on this structure. Requiring meticulous planning and execution, the installation phase is crucial to ensure an outstanding outcome every time. As this project was time sensitive, both teams worked tirelessly to complete the job in a fast yet efficient manner and with the delicate handling the project required.

Creating a unique sawtooth profile, The Hawksbill’s unusual design is achieved using leaning arches and valley cables. The valley cables create the fabric’s final tension, assisting in drainage to gutters and downpipes. The steep angles assist in fabric cleaning and maintenance as the dust and dirt wash off with each rainfall. Adding the translucent roof is a clever way to provide natural light with minimal shadow and provides excellent protection from UV rays, wind, rain and nature’s elements.


Location: 6 Cobwell St, Barham NSW 2732

Completion Date: June 2022

Size: 1680 m²

Fabric: PTFE-FGT800

Client: Barham & District Services Memorial Club Ltd Australia

Built in conjunction with MakMax Australia

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd