Adelaide Memorial Drive Tennis Centre

Built for The Australian Open 2020, The Adelaide Tennis Centre was a complex project completed within a very tight deadline.
There could be no weather delays, no hold ups. A carefully thought-out pre-project-start plan was vital. The project consisted of five enormous main panels (80m x 50m) and two smaller panels.

The five main panels added complexity to the task. A plan was devised to enable the deployment of fabrics even if high winds prevailed.
The panels were so large, custom steel stillages were built, and extra-length trucks were used to transport the panels from Brisbane to Adelaide.

To ensure the panels’ safety, the short edges were rolled up around large PVC pipes towards the middle. This enabled the fabric to be transported and deployed whilst staying secure, effectively allowing for deployment of half of the fabric at a time, while the other half remained secure.


Location: Memorial Drive Tennis Centre, SA

Completion Date: November 2019

Size: 5800 sqm

Fabric: PTFE – Chukoh FGT800

Client: Tennis Australia

Photography: © Peter E Barnes

installed in conjunction with MakMax Australia