Brisbane Racing Club – John Powers Stand Clean

Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd has gone above and beyond by providing excellent services, as seen in the successful cleaning of the John Power Stand. The before, during and after photos are a testament to the quality of our work.

The John Power Stand is a landmark structure that dates back to the 1950s. In 2010, a fabric ceiling was added to give it a much-needed update. Despite attempts to clean it from below, the results were not satisfactory. For this reason, Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd took on the challenge of cleaning it from both above and below simultaneously. The results were impressive, as no dirt or dust was left behind on either side of the mesh.

Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd is thrilled with the outcome of this project and is proud to have delivered a thorough and successful cleaning service to the John Power Stand.


Location: Eagle Farm Racecourse

Completion Date: April 2024

Size: 877 sqm

Fabric: PVC Mesh – Serge Ferrari Soltis 392

Client: Brisbane Racing Club

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd