Adelaide Tennis Centre Sub-Panel Replacement

Doing a sub-panel replacement is an installation requiring specific skills, techniques and experience. It’s a niche task that not many teams are experienced in but one the Sky Skills Industries team are well-versed and equipped for.

Completed in 2019, The Adelaide Tennis Centre comprised a highly translucent canopy which created an outdoor feel while providing ample shade for players and spectators.

The panel being replaced had a rip in it the size of a man’s hand. Under the careful guidance of Sky Skills founder Didi, the damage was repaired with speed and skill.


Location: War Memorial Drive, Adelaide, SA, 5006

Completion Date: June 2022

Size: 28.3m 2

Fabric: PTFE – Chukoh FGT-800 White

Clinet: MakMax Australia and Kennett Pty Ltd

photography: Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd