PVC Membrane Cleaning Services


PVC membrane structures are designed to require minimal maintenance.
The coating helps to prevent dirt and pollution from accumulating, and any
that does settle usually washes off during rain. However, it’s important to
regularly inspect, maintain, and clean your membrane roof to ensure its
longevity and keep the warranty valid.

If you need assistance in maintaining the integrity, longevity, and warranty
of your membrane roof, Sky Skills can help.

Membrane Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning Recommendations

While periodic rainfall can aid in keeping the membrane clean, it is still necessary to perform regular cleaning to remove any debris or settled materials. To ensure the longevity of the membrane and to prevent the warrantee from becoming invalid, regular cleaning and inspections are recommended. Under normal conditions, PVC membranes will need to be cleaned every two years, but more frequent cleaning may be required due to any of the following:

• Exposure to inclement weather and organic elements (wind-blown leaves, dust & pollution)
• The conditions of the surrounding environment (traffic, agricultural areas, coastal zones)
• Drought or Storms with heavy rainfall and wind


Sky Skills Industries Pty Ltd is a highly experienced company with over 12 years of expertise in the field of tensile fabric roof structures. Our team has extensive knowledge in Rope Access, construction, and installation of steel and fabric components of both large and small Tensile Fabric Roof Structures. We are proud to offer the best cleaning experience to our clients due to our perfect combination of skills and experience.

Upon request, our service can extend to doing a routine inspection whilst on the roof cleaning. We also include before and after drone photos for your records.

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